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What is Kingdomonium?

Kingdomonium is a 2D procedurally generated indie medieval sandbox side-scrolling real time strategy game. Think Terraria meets Age of Empires!

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So what's so special about this game?

Most traditional real time strategy games play from a top-down perspective. Kingdomonium plays as a side-scrolling 2D platformer. This combined with the fact that the world you play in is procedurally generated with aspects of destructible terrain and encompassing activities such as foraging, chopping, digging, mining, building, fishing, sailing, exploring and tactical combat makes for some very intriguing and enjoyable gameplay!

What can I do in this game and what is the end goal?

The game allows you to take command of a medieval kingdom. You give orders to various constituent units (some of which are mentiond below) to perform tasks such as foraging, chopping, digging, mining, building, fishing, sailing, exploring and tactical combat. There are many goals in the game but the main overarching one is to expand your kingdom and take over as much land as possible. Other goals include exploration, finding rare items, overcoming various obstacles and enemies and many more.

What commandable characters or units are in the game?

Below are some of the basic units planned in the game. Of course this is only a small sample. There will be many others and advanced versions of these below in the final game!


Villagers are the heartbeat of the kingdom. They perform a multitude of tasks such as wood-cutting, mining, building and crafting. Without them the kingdom cannot function


The short swordsman is a staple infantry unit. Although basic they are a formidable force to be reckoned with when commanded in groups for close range melee battle


The archer is another staple infantry unit. They are very effective for planning strategic range attacks and defending the kingdom from higher vantage points and gaurd towers


The knight is a more capable, experienced and equipped infantry unit. They possess a great amount of armour and durability as well as quicker attack times and greater hit-point damage


The cavalry are highly durable and effecient combat units. They possess a great amount of stamina and hit-point damage against any opposition as well as having the ability to traverse vast distances quickly


Priests can heal wounded units as well as cast spells against the enemy during battle. In addition to these they also possess further mystical powers yet to be revealed


The catapult is a basic artillery combat unit. Highly advantageous for launching ranged attacks with large splash damage. Especially useful for destroying buildings and other structures

Transport Ship

The transport ship is essential for moving troops, equipment and supplies across sea to neighboring lands

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